How To Buy Manage Your First Investment Property

How To Buy & Manage Your First Investment Property

It’s exciting when you decide that it’s the right time to grab your first investment property. However, if you’re new to these kinds of purchases, it’s also intimidating. Fortunately, as our experts understand, you can handle everything…
Real Estate Broker

What’s A Real Estate Broker? And What Do I Do When I Find One?

The search for a home begins online. It has for some time. In fact, consumers are surveying the terrain and pouncing on anything that hits the market like a school of piranha, unsure of when their next opportunity to eat will surface. You can’t…
Most Walkable

NEPA’s Most Walkable Communities

Summer is the best time of the year to explore Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA)! Alright, I lied, my favorite time of the year in our region is early autumn with cider donut runs, changing foliage and high school football back on the menu, but…
Fails To Appraise

When The Home You Want Fails To Appraise

As a homebuyer, the landscape can be downright intimidating these days. Yes, multiple offer situations exist now, but this is changing and by July they might all but cease. First-time buyers can especially have concerns in this market, which…
Top Pizza

10 Pizza Places In NEPA That Are Worth The Wait

One of the great traditions in Northeastern Pennsylvania is to enjoy a “tray” of pizza from one of numerous establishments up and down the valley. I simply love NEPA with the number of choices available for the palate! Whether you like more…
Reasons To Purchase A Home

Top 3 Reasons To Purchase A Home

The later part of this year might bring about some stabilization in the way of a more balanced market, but don’t expect one favoring buyers anytime soon. As inventory shortages continue, and they will, prospective homebuyers are attempting…
Before You Buy

3 Things to Know Before You Buy Your First House

So you’re ready to buy your very first house! While becoming a homeowner is an exciting journey, there’s much to consider and prepare before you actually buy a house. Your life plans, career, finances and preferences in a home will all be…
Flex Space

Flex Space: It’s Here To Stay

It’s no mystery the last two years have altered home design in new construction forever, but what remains to be seen is whose tastes will prevail over the next decade or so. The millennial generation, albeit the largest group of homebuyers,…
Todays Seller

In The Mind Of Today’s Seller

Considering selling? What can today’s homeowner be thinking? There are a mix of variables in today’s market, which add an element of mystery to forecasting, similar to a meteorologist’s predictions you might say. But the storm of buyers,…
Post Pandemic Real Estate

Post Pandemic: What Does Real Estate Look Like?

There’s more uncertainty in the national real estate market than we’ve seen in some time. We’re two years beyond the onset of COVID and while we’re past many of the main health concerns of the virus, obstacles still remain. Remote work…
Real Estate Appraiser

Why Would I Need A Real Estate Appraiser?

As a homeowner, why would I need the services of a real estate appraiser? And is one needed if I already have a business relationship with a REALTOR®? These are great questions, but before we dive in and answer them, let’s establish what…
Best Month To Sell

Best Month To Sell Your Home

Homeowners are incentivized to sell, if they’re in a position to do so, as we set sights on the spring housing market. It’s no surprise that last year was a stellar year for homebuying and selling. Unfortunately, many were left on the sidelines,…