Mind Of A Buyer Agent

Why You Need An Agent: Inside The Mind Of A Buyer Agent

Those who are looking for a home to purchase might not know what they’re searching for in a property or in an agent, but it’s not their fault, especially if they’re first-timers. This is where having a trusted real estate advisor early…
Buying A Home

Buying A Home? Consider These Four Things First.

The most important things for homebuyers to consider when purchasing a home are: Being able to afford a home based upon one’s situation in life Not over-paying for a home based upon its market value A home’s location – What…
Dream Home Or A Starter House

How To Know Whether To Buy Your Dream Home Or A Starter House

Buying a new house is an exciting experience, but it is also a huge life milestone. It is sometimes difficult to know whether you should purchase an affordable starter home or instead build or buy a dream house. There are benefits and disadvantages…
NEPA Best Real Estate Website

Realty Network Group Wins Award For Best Real Estate Website

For the fifth straight year, Realty Network Group was awarded the honors of Northeastern Pennsylvania's "Best Real Estate Website." The accolades were part of the Times-Tribune's Readers' Choice Awards, where online subscribers and readers of…
Prepping Your Home For Winter

Prepping Your Home For Winter, In The Fall

Alright, maybe summer is beginning to disappear. It’s never too early to prepare for the colder months ahead. On second thought, we suppose it could be, but autumn is the perfect time to tackle those jobs you’ve been putting off. Procrastination…
Before It Hits The Market

Finding A Home Before It Hits The Market

Surviving a seller’s market the likes of the past few years can be exhausting, especially for buyers. Many realize this isn’t the market for them. When most of the COVID restrictions to purchasing a home in Pennsylvania were lifted in June…
Summer In NEPA

Summer Hasn’t Made An Exit Yet

Black-eyed Susans are in full bloom, raging across gardens and hillsides in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Chatter has begun about picking apples, not blueberries, from an orchard near you. Ritters, anyone? Sure, Dunkin Donuts is now showcasing…
Buyers Get More Realistic

When Buyers Get More Realistic

Homebuyers, 2023 may be your year! There’s no guarantee next year will welcome a buyer’s market, but recent indicators are trending in that direction. Though properties are still moving for sellers in our market, they need to be priced right…
How To Buy Manage Your First Investment Property

How To Buy & Manage Your First Investment Property

It’s exciting when you decide that it’s the right time to grab your first investment property. However, if you’re new to these kinds of purchases, it’s also intimidating. Fortunately, as our experts understand, you can handle everything…
Real Estate Broker

What’s A Real Estate Broker? And What Do I Do When I Find One?

The search for a home begins online. It has for some time. In fact, consumers are surveying the terrain and pouncing on anything that hits the market like a school of piranha, unsure of when their next opportunity to eat will surface. You can’t…
Most Walkable

NEPA’s Most Walkable Communities

Summer is the best time of the year to explore Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA)! Alright, I lied, my favorite time of the year in our region is early autumn with cider donut runs, changing foliage and high school football back on the menu, but…
Fails To Appraise

When The Home You Want Fails To Appraise

As a homebuyer, the landscape can be downright intimidating these days. Yes, multiple offer situations exist now, but this is changing and by July they might all but cease. First-time buyers can especially have concerns in this market, which…