Customizing a plan for you

As a homeowner in today’s market, you may have numerous questions: Is my home ready to sell? What’s my home worth? What’s the ideal list price? We have the answers.

One of our real estate professionals can set up a private consultation with you to discuss your options. If you’re like so many prospective home sellers who need to sell their property or desire to move up or downsize, then you understand the challenges that come with selling. We understand them too.

In order to customize a marketing plan to suit both your needs and those of your property, we schedule a consultation with you. This allows us to properly assess your situation, neighborhood, market trends and create a successful plan to get your home or investment property sold.



Here are a few ways we tailor the plan for a most favorable outcome:

Location, location, location – Yes, even in marketing a property, location is key; where we position your home, through print advertising and digital media, can be critical; each home has a unique footprint and thus where we market it can be the difference between “for sale” or “sold”

Professional-looking photos – In real estate, it’s difficult to tell a compelling story without crisp, high-quality photographs; as they say, “you only get one chance to make a first impression” and in doing so we want your home to stand out from the rest; eye-catching photos are one way to achieve that

Exposing your property – Today’s buyer begins his/her search online months before they step into the neighborhood; we need to equip our homesellers with the proper channels for home exposure, because if homebuyers can’t find your home, chances are it won’t sell

Neighborhood analysis – Each area of Northeastern Pennsylvania has its own style and composition and as so, your real estate professional must be aware of these intricacies/communities; these neighborhoods are a source for more opportunities

Engagement – Connecting buyers and sellers in today’s landscape is what we do; there is whole new world of engagement and interaction through social media today; leveraging these channels is essential for building connections, being a valuable source of information for the consumer and ultimately for selling your home

Traditional modes of encounter – Millennials, today’s first generation to come of age in the new millennium who are born after 1980, still consume traditional media; print media, magazines, outdoor advertising, TV viewership and the like all have their place for marketing particular properties