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Educating homebuyers and sellers is essential and shouldn’t be overlooked in today’s market. Yet, a noticeable gap has become more evident in what consumers understand about real estate and what they should know. Enter Jessica Agosto! Realty Network Group’s newest REALTOR®, Jessica, believes some consumers aren’t being educated enough about the real estate process. “There’s much to learn about our industry, myself included, but I hope to dispel some of the barriers that exist for my clients,” expresses Jessica.

Spanish-speaking and lower income families have a special place in Jessica’s heart. She wants to set them up for success whether they’re looking to buy or sell. “What they think could be unobtainable, might not be the case at all,” repeats Jessica. She naturally loves to help people. She’s worked in customer service positions for over twenty years in various capacities, such as an administrative assistant, assistant supervisor, legal secretary and a paralegal. Her skill set will furthermore aid Realty Network Group as she’s bilingual, with the ability to speak, read and write Spanish. Growing up amongst a diverse population in Brooklyn, NY, has equipped her for client-agent interactions, especially when diversity plays a role. For the past fourteen years, Jessica has resided in Scranton. She’s very familiar with the city and the Greater Scranton area.

“I chose Realty Network Group because I’ve trusted them from the start,” explains Jessica. “During the pandemic, when we purchased our first home, we relied upon a real estate agent from their company, Maria Muchal Berta. It was a wonderful experience. Why wouldn’t I join them?! I love their reputation in the area in addition to their training and support. They may be smaller in size to other competing Brokerages, but they certainly don’t lack experience!”

What other strengths does Jessica possess you might ask? She has a knack for creativity and decor, which will be an added benefit to her seller clients as she supports them in staging their homes. Growing up in New York City, she also has that ‘city girl hustle’ allowing her to get things done, quickly and efficiently. Earning everything she has and doing things out of the goodness of her heart, has made her community-focused over the years. She’s served as PTA secretary at Charles Sumner Elementary, has been involved in parish ministry through Mary Mother of God Church helping their youth group deliver meals to the homebound and homeless, and volunteers her time with her children’s sports booster clubs.

Besides spending time with her clients and those in the local community, Jessica cherishes time with her family, her husband of fifteen years, daughter and three sons. She loves to paint, travel and create new memories.

Are you excited to look for a home, but don’t know where to start? Jessica Agosto is the REALTOR® who can lead you toward realizing and living the American dream. Call her today at 570-815-5159.

She’s a homeowner, she’s a lifelong Scranton resident and she’s Realty Network Group’s newest real estate professional, Maureen Langan. Her strong knowledge and deep experience of the area make her a compelling match for those looking to buy or sell real estate in the Greater Scranton area. “We’re thrilled to welcome Maureen to our family of REALTORS® at Realty Network Group,” professes Dianne Montana, the Managing Broker of the company. “Maureen’s a Scranton native with a deep love for the city and its surrounding communities. This will be an asset not only to her clients but also to what she brings to the table for our firm.” Furthermore, she has an intimate understanding of the city’s real estate market and its unique neighborhoods, which will continue to serve others seeking Scranton as a destination.

Maureen recently joined Realty Network Group with over two years experience in local real estate. “I have a passion for helping others,” asserts Maureen. “From start to finish, I want my clients to know I’m wholly committed to them and their needs. I’m dedicated to listening to their concerns, helping them be at ease and guiding them through either the homebuying or selling process.” Maureen’s goal is providing exceptional service to her clients. She works hard, boosting her clients’ confidence, alleviating some of the stress that often enters into the real estate transaction.

One of the biggest frustrations we hear occasionally from consumers in this industry is a lack of communication from real estate agents. Maureen believes open communication with buyers and sellers is paramount. She understands that her clients desire an agent they can count on, someone they can trust, who will be available to them in what could be one of the largest sales they’re ever involved in. Her insight into interpersonal communication, being an employee of the Scranton School District for over nineteen years, has provided her a solid foundation in being able to work well with others from various walks of life. It’s through this experience in dealing daily with co-workers, families and students where she’s exercised the virtues of patience, understanding, kindness and empathy. These are traits, which are important to consumers seeking assistance in real estate as well.

There’s a plethora of options for homebuyers or sellers to choose from in Northeastern Pennsylvania, so we asked Maureen why she chose our company? “I joined Realty Network Group for many reasons, but one stands out for me – support,” maintains Maureen. “The support they provide for their agents and clientele is unlike any available. From the very first time I walked through their door, I felt at home. I couldn’t be happier making the transition to Realty Network Group.” As a REALTOR®, she’s looking forward to spreading her wings, connecting buyers and sellers with brand.

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate, Maureen’s here to assist you with all your real estate needs. Give her a call today at 570-575-3947 or via email at mlangan@realtynetwork.net.

We love celebrating our real estate professionals who make us who we are, year in and year out! We have an incredible “team” of agents in our ranks at Realty Network Group, both new and veterans alike. We’re so proud of them. Each one adds something unique to our brand and really accentuates the expertise and diversity we desire to share with our clients, who are looking to purchase a home or investment property or seeking to sell one.

At the half-way point of 2023, a market unlike any other, we’d like to honor our top ten selling REALTORS® aka our top producers. We hope you’ll congratulate them as well!

Ann E. Cappellini — $2,947,613

Top Producers

Maria Muchal Berta — $2,782,450

Top Producers

Ann A. Sheroda — $2,370,000

Top Producers

Scott J. Weiland — $1,734,500

Top Producers

Halle Stevens — $1,623,100

Top Producers

Dana A. DeLeo — $1,533,960

Top Producers

Heather A. Luklanchuk — $878,350

Top Producers

Christina M. Keller — $654,900

Top Producers

Lynn H. Marino — $650,680

Top Producers

Cheryl Gerrity — $647,500

Top Producers



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These numbers reflect these top producers’ sales volume via the Greater Scranton Board of REALTORS® (January-June 2023).