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“Lake life” isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The bugs, the smells, the dew and fog in the early morning hours, the sounds encapsulating your abode, to name a few, keep many at bay. But these are the exact same reasons people gravitate towards lakes in Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA). If you own a residence or second home on one of our region’s lakes, you understand the experience as well as the peace that comes with living on or near a lake. Don’t you?

Of course, there are numerous benefits in addition to disadvantages when living near a body of water in our area of Pennsylvania.

Pros include wildlife, fishing, outdoor recreation (good luck trying to get the kids to come in for dinner), sunrises/sunsets, relaxation, neighbors, community, privacy and entertaining. Furthermore, property value is a big bonus for numerous homeowners situated waterfront or near the body of water itself. Valuation on these homes varies depending on surrounding amenities, the view of the lake itself not to mention access to it, which most everyone wants. In a way, when you sell a lake house, you’re selling a particular lifestyle. Is there the option to entertain outside on a deck with an exterior kitchenette, dock and/or pool? These are things, which help prospective homebuyers realize they’re buying more than a home, they’re purchasing a vacation-like lifestyle. And the value far exceeds the lifestyle! In fact, homes located near a lake see an increase in property value of about 25% or more versus their in-land comparables.

Besides having the sense you’ve made a good investment and you’re always on vacation, there are definitely cons to buying a lake house. While not all of these are relevant to each lake house, similar to the pros as well, they’re important to identify when considering a lake house purchase. Some of these challenges include more regular upkeep and maintenance on homes exposed to the elements surrounding lake house living. More money may need to held in reserve to not only protect your investment, but also come to the rescue if storms and natural disasters strike. While privacy can be a plus for those making a move to a lake, lack of privacy in some cases is a stumbling block. Certain times and seasons on a lake pose a threat to tranquility. The summer months will often usher in various forms of commotion and entertainment, not suited for everyone. Higher insurance costs and lake association dues could also be seen as hardships for those not used to lake house living.

This article gives you a deeper glimpse into the advantages and disadvantages of choosing life on a lake.

Whether or not you’ve ever dreamed of living near a lake, we invite you to experience what it’s like. Poet Richard Milton Grahn draws you into “lake life,” a medicine for the lucky (perhaps).

Butterflies in brilliant light
What a sight as dreams take flight
Whatever comes, whatever goes
The ripples in the lake still flow

[excerpt from “Lake of Dreams” by Richard Milton Grahn]

As spring emerges so too does the foliage and critters around the lake. Summer makes way for water play, boats, kayaks, jet skis, swimming and fishing. Autumn supplies us with brisk clean air and the sounds of the ripples on water. Winter invites us to recall a year that was and listen to the stillness left behind. We hope to see you on one of our many beautiful lakes in NEPA. If you’re interested in discovering more about our lakes or would like to purchase a lake house, take a tour here.

Always make sure you have a lake house or waterfront real estate professional on your side as you begin to pursue lake living.