ADA Compliance Debuts In NEPA

It’s another first for our firm: is the first real estate website in the Greater Scranton area to be Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. Our company is making finding your next home even easier! Those who…
Thanksgiving Buying & Selling

Thanksgiving – Best Time For Homebuyers & Sellers?

What if we told you we were coming up on the sweet spot for buying and selling in real estate? Would you believe us? Real estate has a long tradition of being a seasonal market, especially in Northeastern Pennsylvania where we undergo four seasons.…
Virtual Real Estate

More Flexibility Required In Real Estate

Flexibility quite often was an issue over the years within the real estate industry. Whether it was buyer representation or technological advancements, evolution occurred at a painstakingly slow pace. As someone who witnessed the latter, it…
Saint Roger Abbey Scranton

Saint Roger Abbey Takes Its Mission To The Scranton Area

Baked goods can stimulate those wonderful memories from our past, reminding us of people, places and occasions we hold dear to us. Behind these delicious treats we find the puppeteer, the one responsible for creating the experience or the memory.…
Award-Winning Website

Our Award-Winning Website Strikes Again

It hard to imagine the real estate terrain we find ourselves in these days, but yet here we are. Many parts of the Northeast, who prior to the pandemic were struggling, are now reporting record signs of growth - the largest increase in home…
Readers Choice Awards

Readers’ Choice Awards

Over the years, we've been thankful for support from our clients as well as our professionals, who've been instrumental and vital to our success. They certainly are motivation through the obstacles brought on from this pandemic. As we can attest,…
Find Your Next Home While Sheltering In Place

How To Find Your Next Home While Sheltering In Place

It's been a trying time for homebuyers and sellers since mid-March. They've had to put their plans on hold. Their real estate future has been met with uncertainty, but of course, sadly some have lost their jobs and are either in no position…
Coronavirus Q&A

A Home Is The Safest Place To Be

Coronavirus Q&A below. Over the course of the past three weeks, Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA) has undergone changes in lifestyle, business and just about everything else you can possibly imagine, including real estate. Governor Tom Wolf’s…
COVID-19 Real Estate

COVID-19 Impacts Buying & Selling In Northeastern PA

To say the Chinese Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected our nation would be the understatement of the year, a year some wish would be over already. Unless you recently came out of a coma, you know the effects of this pandemic. Lately, Americans…
Home Inspectors

When It Comes To Home Inspectors, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

The home inspection phase of a real estate transaction can be nerve-racking, but it can serve the buyer well. Select a inspector who's looking out for you.