3 Indicators You Picked The Right Real Estate Agent

The stupendous world of real estate can sometimes be a tough nut to crack.  It’s full of all sorts of highs and lows and in-betweens.  There’s talk of interest rates and low inventory and pre-approvals.  As a consumer, where do you even start?

Some from time-to-time have navigated these waters of uncertainty with prosperity, but for the vast majority of home buyers and sellers, a successful real estate professional is needed to guide and follow-through with the transaction.  If you’ve recently entered the market or if you’re thinking about doing so and have little to no experience with either buying or selling, you might be confused as to how one would go about selecting a top-notch real estate agent.  There are many great qualities you’ll want to keep your eyes opened for in discovering a good match: An agent’s tenacity, work ethic, organization, knowledge of the market, use of technology, use of social media, attention to detail and the like.  However, we got even more specific and narrowed down the list.

We’ve laid out three indicators that you picked the right real estate agent:

He/She is always honest with you and it shows

In any relationship, honesty is a foundational virtue allowing the relationship to prosper and grow.  So too in real estate, if your agent lacks the ability to be honest with you about the current market conditions, their schedule of availability, about what the other parties have said, etc. then he/she is not a good fit for you.  Honesty can save you from unnecessary worry throughout the real estate process.  Honesty is the backbone of any great REALTOR® – it will drive his/her decision-making process and it affects how he/she responds under pressure.  And at times the truth hurts, but you may need to hear it.  If an agent can be honest with you even when it may costs he/she some money in the process, you’ve found a superb trait for your agent to possess.

He/She is someone you love to work with

In life, we often don’t get a choice as to who we must interact with on a daily basis – a few of my old high school teachers I got stuck with immediately come to mind.  There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy working with your real estate agent.  This is an adventure of grand proportions, where you’ll be making one of the largest investments of your life.  Don’t take the selection process lightly and don’t sign a buyer’s agency agreement (or at least not for a long period of time) until you have found an agent who you jive well with and have a great rapport.  Communication is essential in any business, especially a real estate one.  You need a professional that will pick up the phone to answer your call, follow-up on things right away and one who is a relationship-builder.  When you enjoy being around a particular agent and you’re about to pursue buying or selling real estate, lock them up and sign a buyer’s agency agreement.

He/She doesn’t sit on the sidelines waiting for things to happen

The better real estate professionals understand they are not drones; they don’t just sit on the sidelines and take orders from their customers and clients.  Successful agents are proactive.  Successful agents will anticipate problems and possible solutions for those issues.  They’ll be aggressive and look out for their client’s best interests.  As a seller, if you’ve found a good agent, you’ll know it by how much of a priority you and your home is to him/her.  As a buyer, you’ll know if you’ve connected with one if they treat you and your property search with the utmost importance.

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