7 Things You Will Miss When You Leave NEPA

These are 7 Things You Will Miss When You Leave NEPA…


You would miss Northeastern PA slang.  Heyna or no?  Hehe.  If you live here long enough, it will begin to creep into your vocabulary.  It might only be a syllable or two, but it will always bring back memories of NEPA.  For those not familiar with heynabonics, you can learn to speak like a NEPA native by watching the following video.

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“Mom-&-Pop” Places To Eat

We have a tremendous number of great restaurants in our region, which are also very affordable.  And whether or not you can agree on a must-eat venue, everyone seems to have at least one “must-stop” spot.  Some of my personal favorites are Casa Bella, Rossi’s, State Street Grill, Twigs.  Of course, there are other fan favorites like Russell’s, Palazzo 53, Stirna’s and many others. What are some of your favorites?


photo courtesy of Stirna’s

Pizza & Pierogies

NEPA is a hotbed of old world heritage. We have the Irish, Italians, Polish, you name it… Jessup is called “Little Gubbio” for a reason!  Hehe.  Our area is famous for its pizza – I recently wrote a post about the Top 7 Pizza Spots In NEPA.

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We also love our pierogies.  Some call them Polish dumplings.  The key is these need to be homemade.  Obviously, you can land a pierogi in other parts of America, but they’re just not the same unless you have Polish or Ukrainian culinary artists making them locally.  No offense, Mrs. T.


Sure, Colorado, Vermont and many other mountains through our country are superior for skiing to what you may find in Northeastern PA, but few places offer the crisp, clean Appalachian air as does Elk Mountain Ski Resort or even Montage Mountain.

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Church Picnics, Festivals & Parades

If you’re leaving the area, you’re leaving La Festa Italiana, Saint Ubaldo’s Festival, the Saint Patrick’s Parade (one of the best in the country), numerous church picnics and what else did we miss?  These are stables in the area and have really shaped who we are and where we’ve come from!

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High School Football

Certainly there’s much to do in other regions of our great nation by week’s end, but few others do high school football like Pennsylvania and specifically Northeastern PA football.  The coverage is great.  Alumni from all over flock to see their team play each weekend.  For the best coverage in the area, check out NPF Sports.

Scranton Prep vs. Abington Heights

photo courtesy of the Times-Tribune

Fall Is Fantastic

I hear it time and time again.  Many who have left our area, miss the fall foliage in Northeastern PA.  Yes, there are many wonderful places up and down the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast parts of America to enjoy this special season, but NEPA bursts with colors, sights, smells and sounds you have a hard time experiencing in other places.  There’s Roba’s Family Farms, Ritter’s and many great walking/biking trails to take in during autumn.

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