Thinking About Selling? Cash In With These 4 Real Estate Tips

Many things can add to the stress of placing your home on the market.  There’s a timetable of when you hope to or worst yet, need to be out of your house.  There are costs associated with the move from your prior home to your new one.  You may even lack wiggle-room between your mortgage pay-off with closing costs and what you can get for your home on the current market.  And yet, at the top of virtually every homeowner’s list is the dreaded preparation involved prior to putting your home on the market.

Here are four do-it-yourself (DIY) real estate tips for prepping your home to sell:

Appeal To First Impressions


Missing the mark on a first impression in the business world or in a job interview, can be detrimental to the relationship moving forward.  The same absolutely applies to marketing a home in the wonderful world of real estate.  In most cases, depending upon its presentation, the home can leave a potential buyer with a feeling of consideration, disregard, indifference or disgust.  As a seller, your number one goal is getting buyers into your property.  Curb appeal, professional photography, landscaping, smell, etc. attract or deter buyers.  Do you best to appeal to first impressions with homebuyers, so you don’t miss opportunities to sell to the right ones.

Don’t forget: A home’s first impression begins online, the place where you’ll actually get the most “impressions”.  For more on appealing to first impressions, click here.

Depersonalize Your Space

Homeowners would do well to step back from their home prior to listing it for sale.  What I mean by this is having the ability to place yourself in a buyer’s shoes.  You want to be able to see your property from the most objective point of view possible.  Does your home “reek” of you?  Are your photos and your personal artifacts obstructing a buyer’s imagination (see the photo above)?

Don’t forget: Get the advice of a friend who will tell it like it is. This is the advice you need while prepping your home for the market – the cold, hard truth!

More On Space


This leads us to our next important tip, which can be lost in all this appeal and “it’s not about you” talk… you want your home to be spacious and well-balanced.  You might have a smaller home, but it can still give the perception of being spacious through proper staging deployment.  Light, clutter, paint colors and the like all play a significant role in creating space, if you will.  Do your rooms seem dark or confined?  If they do, you would be wise to investigate sources of natural light, look at your window treatments, perhaps change the colors of the rooms and/or add artificial sources of light.  Decluttering a room can really open it up as well.

Don’t forget: Empty/vacant rooms can make a home feel sterile and might actually feel uninviting to potential buyers.  Strike a healthy balance between these two extremes: being constricting or empty.  It would be best to consult a home-stager and/or real estate professional for further advice.

The Most Important Space

Thinking About Selling
Staging/Remodeling your kitchen might be the single most important decision you can make while ramping up to sell your home.  Clean, open and neutral are generally good guidelines to adhere to here, but this varies from market to market.  Granite countertops and stainless steel appliances presently appeal to many buyers as well.  The impact of a kitchen can really resonate with today’s consumers.  Don’t sleep on this one!

Don’t forget: This is the one room that can make or break a deal for you, so strongly consider upgrading yours before putting it on the market.


If you’re thinking about selling your home this year (and now’s a perfect time to do that), focus on these four selling tips first prior to listing it.  Don’t stress about prepping your property.  Call a REALTOR® today in order to create a schedule for getting it market ready in a manageable and reasonable amount of time.

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