6 Items You Wished Were Included In Your Home Purchase That Aren’t

The task of home buying is often a mysterious one.  Many begin the process months or sometimes even years in advance.  They’ve done their homework.  They’ve combed the market, investigated various neighborhoods and have a grasp on the differences between … Continue reading

Realty Network Group’s Marketing Director Helps Generate Steady Advances In Sales & Technology

Steady Advances: Local is the key word when it comes to real estate. As Realty Network Group’s newly appointed Director of Marketing & Consumer Experience, Greg Solfanelli explains, “All real estate is local. It’s how you approach the customer, how … Continue reading

Does A Finished Basement Pay Off At Resale Time?

So a question us REALTORS® often get asked is: If I make upgrades to my home will that increase its value?  Should I make the renovations/additions in the first place?  I would guess the underlying concern for the homeowner is … Continue reading