5 Things To Do Before You Buy Your Next Home

Watch These 5 Things Before You Buy We came across this video from Taylor Tepper of TIME’s Money recently.  It was so good we just had to share it.  Grab some popcorn and enjoy, save this page in your favorites (if … Continue reading

Realty Network Group’s Marketing Director Helps Generate Steady Advances In Sales & Technology

Steady Advances: Local is the key word when it comes to real estate. As Realty Network Group’s newly appointed Director of Marketing & Consumer Experience, Greg Solfanelli explains, “All real estate is local. It’s how you approach the customer, how … Continue reading

Does A Finished Basement Pay Off At Resale Time?

So a question us REALTORS® often get asked is: If I make upgrades to my home will that increase its value?  Should I make the renovations/additions in the first place?  I would guess the underlying concern for the homeowner is … Continue reading