Summer Time: Is Your Yard Ready?

Summer is almost here!  The official start of summer, that is.  I’ve never been more excited for summer time as I am this year: Weddings, summer fun with my children, parties, yard work, pool relaxation, escapades and the like.  Alright, maybe I’m embellishing the yard work! You might even have a summer vacation planned soon as well.

Whether you’re seeking to update your yard for personal enjoyment, to entertain or to list your home on the market; we’ve put together five ways to help you achieve your summer goals.  Planning a party or selling your home are night and day, so we’ve put together a simple starter list which will cover both.

Be mindful that after a long winter, which bled into spring (like the one we just had), it’s important to attend to some basics first before enhancing your property’s exterior.  Observations such as foundational cracks, chipping paint, improper drainage and tree/shrub maintenance should all be addressed prior to giving your yard a facelift. Are your downspouts diverting water at least three feet away from your home’s foundation?  Are your gutters free and clear from debris? Are your roof and foundation leak-free? Is there a safe distance between tree limbs on your property and powerlines? Is your family’s swingset still safe? These questions can easily be addressed and hopefully, if any of them pose an issue, they can be resolved ASAP over the summer months, depending on its severity.

Summer Time
So without further ado, here are five ways to achieve your summer goals:

Curb Appeal

Welcoming guests to your home can excite many of us.  Repainting shutters, front door, side door or garage door can certainly accentuate curb appeal.  It can provide a much needed facelift for potential homebuyers or put party goers in the mood to celebrate.  If you’re selling, let this be an important idea you don’t soon forget: “[A] home’s first impression is its curb appeal, so when it comes time to sell, a well-manicured yard can be just as important as any indoor remodel.” (NAR President Elizabeth Mendenhall)

Don’t Underestimate Mulch

When you’re planning to enhance your grounds, mulch is perhaps your #1 go-to.  You’ve weeded, now what? You’ve edged, now what? Mulch, of course. It deters weeds from springing back into action and help your flower beds retain that much needed moisture.  It’s make-up for your yard, if you ask me! Even out your old mulch and add more or go with a completely different look this season (cocoa mulch anyone?).

Summer Time

Score Huge With Plants

Plants and flowers can really add color and life to the “palate” of your neighborhood.  Yes, a well-kept lawn is ideal, but even that can lack flavor and diversity. For that you can lean on a burst of color, which vibrant summer blossoms can provide.  Wherever your main entry space is, grab attention with two large planters showing off purple wave petunias, marigolds, coneflowers or something of your choosing. Plants, like other outdoor furnishings, are a wonderful way to hide potential eyesores while adding color to your setting.

Powerwash It

Whether you’d like to brighten and/or clean your siding, deck or patio; power-washing can go a long way in making others notice you care about your property.  Though it shouldn’t be thought of as restoration per say, a pressure washer can transform the exterior of any home. This is a great option to invest in, especially if you’re seeking a budget-friendly one.  You can even power-wash your outdoor or poolside furniture.

Add Lighting

Finally, another great way to cover up blemishes around the exterior of your home is lighting.  While having the right balance of lighting is important (you don’t want guests stumbling around in the darkness), it can hide some of your home’s less desirable exterior features, especially when summer entertaining.  And while interior lighting might be more important than exterior when placing your home on the market, exterior lighting has the ability to set the ambient tone for prospective homebuyers during the late afternoon/evening hours.


Summer Time

We hope this list of five is straightforward enough for you to approach this summer season, whether you’re hosting a barbecue, placing your home on the market (shameless plug – we can do that for you!) or simply enjoying your yard.  These points can help you transform your outdoor space in no time and provide you a sigh of relief this summer.

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