Realty Network Group’s Marketing Director Helps Generate Steady Advances In Sales & Technology

Steady Advances: Local is the key word when it comes to real estate. As Realty Network Group’s newly appointed Director of Marketing & Consumer Experience, Greg Solfanelli explains, “All real estate is local. It’s how you approach the customer, how you connect buyers and sellers, and how you stay on top of the technology game.”

Steady Advances

The market is slowly but surely improving and that’s good news for the economy. Every time two homes are sold in our local economy, a job is created.

Realty Network Group’s business is reflecting that improvement. According to Solfanelli, the company is producing solid numbers with 2012 listings/sales figures increasing 35.8% over the same period in 2011. May proved to be a banner month for sales and new listings are steadily on the rise.

Solfanelli attributes sales increases to mortgage monies that are readily available to buyers. “It’s still a buyer’s market and with a new, all-time-low, 30-year fixed mortgage interest rate of 3.75% being offered, buyers will continue to weigh their options and find their dream home at a fair market price or a potential new investment opportunity for their business.”

Commercial leasing has become very popular throughout the region, and a resurgence in relocation activity is currently underway. Another buying myth that has been put to rest is the traditional hotbed of sales activity during late spring/early summer. “Over the last five years, most buyers have all but given up on that traditional timeline,” Solfanelli says. “They buy in the dead heat of summer or the bitter cold winter.”

Consumers are evolving and Realty Network Group associates are embracing this progression. In fact, no other company takes advantage of technology and uses it to engage the customer the way Realty Network Group does. “That is primarily the reason I left a national franchise, to become involved in a local, home-grown company that has been picking up momentum.” A Marywood University graduate with a Master’s Degree in Communication Arts, Solfanelli previously held the position of Director of Marketing & Communications at Coldwell Banker Town & Country Properties.

Realty Network Group was among the first local agencies to offer customers mobile apps, QR codes and web-based, agent-guided home tours. It is the only agency to operate RealtyNetwork TV offering programs on properties, communities and popular neighborhoods. “We connect with our customers to determine what direction we need to lead,” Solfanelli emphasizes.

“We continue to assist those homeowners who are under water in any way we can, provide options to those currently looking to buy, and assist sellers by positioning their homes for a lasting first impression while maximizing traffic.”

“As we move forward,” he continues, “we plan to initiate a new wave of consumer engagement for home buyers and sellers. We will aim to be more attuned and more responsive to our customers’ needs, discovering what new tools they desire for the home selling/buying process.”

“Sales have increased,” Solfanelli adds, “in most part due to Realty Network Group’s professional team of knowledgeable associates, many of whom have many years of experience in dealing with all types of real estate transactions, and know how to educate both buyers and sellers about the process.

Furthermore, this team also seeks to recruit REALTORS®, but only those that fit the company’s long-term model of growth and reflects its mission to connect buyers and sellers in every way. “We’re looking for agents who have that same affinity to provide unparalleled customer service with professional excellence and who have a diverse skill-set.

After all, recruiting the right type of REALTORS® not only affects company growth, but also it can do wonders for generating a larger pool of buyers.”

The opportunities for consumers are endless! There’s something for everyone in Realty Network Group’s inventory of listings. Whether you are a hardworking consumer looking for a fixer-upper, foreclosed property, luxurious premier property, or affordable home in Northeastern Pennsylvania, the friendly, knowledgeable agents at Realty Network Group can help immensely.

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