How Selling Is Everything In Real Estate

Selling is everything…

In case you missed it, last week the Valley View Girls’ softball team won the Pennsylvania AAA State Title, defeating Fort LeBoeuf (located in Waterford, PA in Erie County).  They cruised right along on the way to their state championship, displaying their Cougar colors and making NEPA proud!

Image taken from The Times-Tribune's High School Sports Blog

Valley View Softball 2013: Valley View’s Gina Chieffallo continues to perform at a very high level for the Cougars.

You can check out WNEP 16 TV’s coverage of their state title here:  We also have a congratulatory message coming out in a few days on local television (ESPN, Fox News and HGTV).  Please check back for more information.

Although this was a wonderful feat, winning isn’t everything.  I’m certainly not trying to diminish what they accomplished.  I know it can be cliché and I know you probably heard your parents or perhaps coaches say this hundreds of times in your life.  Well, I’ll say it again – Winning isn’t everything.

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In real estate, selling (NOT winning) is everything!

In real estate, selling (not winning) is everything!  And yes, there is a difference.  Unfortunately in sports, the runner-up is rarely remembered.  In fact, last week I couldn’t even remember who won the 2012 World Series (and I call myself a baseball fan?!).  I had to look it up.  Though I’m not a baseball historian like my father, apparently I need to start popping the ginkgo biloba!  But even if you didn’t have a memory lapse, like myself, would you have known that the Detroit Tigers lost to the San Francisco Giants last year on baseball’s biggest stage?  Do you remember who Obama defeated for his election to the Presidency in his first term?  Can you recall who lost to the Baltimore Ravens this past year in Super Bowl XLVII?  I think most of you honestly understand the amnesia that shadows a runner-up.

The runner-up is remembered in real estate.  Their services are used and very much needed year in and year out.  Our company for instance, is having a wonderful year – our per agent production is right at the top, but we’re not the top selling company in the area.  And we don’t have to be.  Our network of REALTORS®, twenty-five in number, continues to over perform.  Our clients recognize our associates’ strengths/experience and use it to their advantage.  It’s not about winning.  The name of this game is selling!  Winning isn’t everything in real estate.  Unless you connect buyers and sellers and deliver on that connection to achieve results, it doesn’t matter if you win, lose or draw.  We look forward to getting more properties SOLD in 2013 and we truly appreciate our clients’ confidence in helping them achieve their goals of homeownership.

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