3 Ways Pokemon Go Changes How You Purchase Real Estate

Pokemon Go Real Estate

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new game in town – Pokemon Go.  Whether or not you agree with the premise of the game or you’re still trying to figure out what’s with all the fuss, it has quite the following.  According to Similarweb, this game has more active users on Android devices than Pandora Radio, Twitter or Netflix.  And the Pokemon Go app is set to dump about $3 billion into the hands of Apple over the next two years, as projected by Needham & Co. analyst Laura Martin.

Pokemon Go Real Estate

Have you played the game?  Have you lost your mind yet?

In all seriousness, arguably the world’s most popular app/game has incorporated augmented reality (AR) in new and exciting ways.  We’ve written about AR before and its impact in the real estate arena – trust me, like text messaging, it’s not a fad.

Pokemon Go Drives Attention To A Seller’s Home Or Business

While it may surprise you, it shouldn’t – Many businesses are already capitalizing on a millennial population that is vital to their profits.  This generation dominates mobile as well as Pokemon Go usage.  Attracting these users means drawing parallels between their Pokemon Go obsession and options for restaurants, recreation, entertainment and the like.  So in other words, as a Fox Business article points out, if you can position points of interest from the game into a brick-and-mortar environment, you can drive attention to your business.

Logically, the next step is the four bedroom, two bath colonial on the corner lot just down the street from a PokeStop!  It’s a brilliant merger of two worlds, especially for real estate companies who are attempting to reach out to first-time home buyers.

Hosting A “Poke-hunt” Showing

A wonderful way to bring potential buyers to an agent’s listing would be to host a Poke-hunt.  Poke-hunts originate and end at various locations.  Why not make it your home, which you’re REALTOR® is attempting to sell?  A group of people in front of your property doesn’t sound like a terrible idea, does it?!  Sure, maybe those thirty people aren’t interested in buying at this time, but they might know someone who has been looking for a home in your neighborhood.  Yes, this would be more effective for the area bar/restaurant, but I believe it has its benefits for connecting buyers and sellers as well.

Pokemon Go Real Estate

Pokemon Go Accelerates AR Ideas

The success of this game already has developers testing exciting ideas for creating new ways of merging the augmented world with what we experience around us.  What you can touch and what you can’t have implications for real estate sales over the next decade.  We’ve already experienced apps that allow you to envision what a window treatment would look like in your home before you purchase it (i.e. Hunter Douglas).  There are apps that allow you to overlay digital information/content on top of what you see through your camera on your phone (i.e. Layar Reality Browser).  Redecorating a room can also be done effortlessly without having to worry about if you’ll love how furniture will look in a room after you’ve purchased it (i.e. SnapShop Showroom).  These are some of the options available for home owners and buyers to use, but this is only the beginning… AR will eventually make “for sale” signs obsolete!

Are you a Pokemon Go user?  In what other ways do you believe this game or the technology blooming from it will affect the future of real estate and how customers consume it?

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