Less than a month away from the opening of North Pocono’s new public library…

There were whispers about it for years, okay maybe a couple of decades, but come Tuesday, June 4, the new library will be open to the public.  As a member of the Gen X family, I must admit libraries have really changed over the years.  They have fascinated me.  Over the last two decades, the modifications have been drastic – as drastic as the differences in movie theater sound from 1982 to 1983.

The new North Pocono Public Library will offer an “experience.”

Back in my college days, I remember thinking the Weinberg Memorial Library had everything I needed to get virtually any project or assignment completed.  And in many ways it did.  Heck, I could even enjoy a coffee in the Pro Deo Room with its panoramic view of the Commons area of the University of Scranton.  At that time though, what my alma mater was missing was the close-knit feeling of ‘giving birth to a concept’ through study, within a library setting.


This new library, located at 1315 Church Street in Moscow (with great access to Interstates 380 and 81), will be 8,000 square feet in size.  It will be a one-stop, knowledge-enhancement space for people of all ages within the community.  It will feature everything from a “business entrepreneur center,” for those who don’t like to bring their work home with them, but need to get out of the office, to tutoring/testing areas to a community room to study areas to meeting areas to a large children’s room.  It appears this library will offer content across many forms of media (hardcover books, paperback, audiobooks and electronic resources) and of course, free WiFi for everyone.

Today, this ideal set-up for sharing community and being productive is also favored to some extent in certain industries.  One example that immediate comes to mind is the culture Google relies on for their employees.  We see it in other businesses as well, especially in metropolitan areas, such as bookstores (the few that remain), Internet cafes and the like.  In real estate we see these things as perhaps luxury conveniences, but they do exist.  Take new construction, for instance: Consumers surveyed over recent years have favored smaller homes with a more intimate layout, the added bonus of a multi-media, entertainment center, playroom, great room for entertaining, large eating area off the kitchen and patio/deck for leisure time or parties.  In other words, these would be homes having many of the same offerings as we’d find at the new North Pocono Library.  I’m sure there will be entertainment at the library, no?!

With that being said, homes like these are few and far between.  At least for now, while you’re fantasizing about your dream home, you can enjoy the many amenities the new library will offer to the North Pocono community.  Heading up this initiative has been our one of our owners, Terry Barrett, who is also the President of the North Pocono Public Library Board of Trustees.  Congrats to him and the Board for all their hard work with improving their community and Northeastern Pennsylvania!

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