Need To Sell Your Home Quick? Don’t Pass Up These 4 Steps To Selling Success

Don’t get caught this winter out in the cold with a home you need to sell.  Take these four steps in order to sell your property for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time.  We recommend at least a month of prep-time to get your home ready for the market.  Get to it!  Fall will be here before you know it.

Need To Sell Your Home Quick

Curb Appeal

So curb appeal is more critical than you might give it credit for.  Know that first impressions are absolutely essential for drawing in homebuyer interest.  Everything from the landscaping, to the condition of your driveway, to the front door and everything in between will paint a picture for potential buyers of what your home is like.  The appeal or lack thereof will tell buyers if it’s even worth walking through the front door to see the interior of the listing.

When time’s a pressing issue, what are some quick fixes to your home’s curb appeal that will go a long way?

Paint Your Front Door – The front door says: “Hello, look at me!” or “Get the heck off my property.”  Which one does your front door presently convey?  The front door is your home’s smile, make it pop, but make sure it complements the rest of your home’s façade.

Attend To The Chaos – Are your shrubs overgrown?  Do your weeds need to be tamed?  Are you cutting your grass on a regular schedule?  These are things if not kept in check can spell disaster for any hopes of hooking a buyer.  Step back from the front of your home, as see what needs attention.

Driveway Devotion – Resealing a driveway can be a great way to boost your home’s curb appeal.  It’s an affordable upgrade that can go a long way.  People who drive onto your property will notice a driveway that’s in poor shape.  Homeowners need not worry about ones which are in decent shape, but if potential buyers believe they’re off-roading instead of previewing a home, there’s a big problem.

Professional Photography

You’ve nailed your home’s curb appeal, but have you pay attention to its digital appeal?  We understand that 89% of all buyers and 93% of those thirty-five years of age and younger search for homes online.*  It’s important to know a vast majority of homebuyers will seek out their future home via their smartphone, tablet or computer prior to experiencing it in person.  Have you taken the proper steps to at least minimally stage your home and perhaps more importantly, utilize professional photography to showcase it online?

Keep in mind that the first showing of your home is online nowadays.  It’s important as a homeowner that you gauge how consumers will view your property.  Do your rooms appear smaller than they actually are?  Are you making good use of angles and vantage points when taking photos?  Do you have that money shot?  Have you determined the time of the day that’s best to photograph rooms in your home?

Some real estate professionals do a great job at undertaking this task.  Others will outsource a third party who specializes in producing professional photography specifically for homes entering the market.  As a homeowner, it’s important to see a portfolio of options the real estate agent has for you at their disposal.


Your real estate agent can assist you in effectively pricing your home.  This will allow you to expose your home to the largest pool of buyers in the right price range.  Perhaps one of the worst things you can do is to price your home inconsistent with its fair market value!

Even if you’re in a hurry to move, pricing is probably the most important element of the game.  Therefore, keeping your emotions at bay and delving into a market analysis, can put you on the best path for pricing perfection in today’s market.  Have your real estate professional provide a detailed, customized comparable market analysis (CMA) for your property.  This will help you and he/she arrive at a number that makes the most sense.  Both time and money can play a factor here.  It’s important to look at the big picture and weigh all the scenarios with your agent.

Pay Attention To The Details

So you’ve focused on the first three, great!  Now what?  If time permits, take a step back and begin to see the smaller glaring details that might stick out as eye sores to prospective purchasers.  Are there light bulbs out around the house?  Maybe a fixed leak in the ceiling still shows signs of an issue that doesn’t exist anymore?  Maybe an appliance is in obvious need of repair/replacement?  Whatever the issue, the seller should now turn their attention to these things, especially if time allows.

Don’t underestimate the small home repairs.  Buyers tend to notice these, especially if they’re obvious.  As a homeowner, pay attention to clutter, depersonalization, lighting, scent, cleanliness and staging.  These are details that can make or break the potential for an offer!


* The National Association of REALTORS® 2016 Home Buyer & Seller General Trends

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