May Flowers?

May Flowers? In Northeastern Pennsylvania, one thing is for sure – crazy weather patterns come our way in March and April, leaving us with a messy yard for the month of May.  Even though the trees begin to bud and the flowers start to bloom (especially those tulips), home owners are often left with a spring yard, which looks, quite frankly – dull.

Raking - Spring Cleanup

Pointers For This Fall

Sure, there are things you can do in the fall to lessen the blow of inheriting a “beaten-up” yard in the spring and they do help to some degree:

1. Mow/rake those leaves

2. Collect other debris such as branches, dead plants/bushes

3. Storage away hose, lawn equipment and other tools

4. Clean out gutters

5. Trim back shrubs and trees

But sometimes, despite your best efforts in the fall, the winter in NEPA takes such a toll on your property that you’re left scratching your head in disbelief at just how unattractive it has become over the course of a few months.

May Flowers

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Easy Does It

“May” I recommend a few tips?  Now that spring is beginning to take shape, don’t become overwhelmed with thinking of everything on your to-do list.  Take one or two jobs each week to accomplish as a realistic goal towards getting your landscaping into tip-top shape and enhancing your property’s curb appeal.  If you’re anything like me, you recognize that your time is limited.  Between family commitments, sports activities, long work days and not to mention indoor cleaning/maintenance; it can quite honestly be difficult to carve out time to attend to these activities.

Take a deep breath, do what you can, when you can, try your best to keep up with those may flowers and keep the big picture in mind!

For some other spring staging and landscaping tips, especially if you’re getting ready to put your home on the market, check out HGTV’s Home Staging Tips.

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