Learning Where To Live

Learning where to live: I fondly remember my childhood “back to school” trips to the store in August.  I was always the nervous kid.  I resisted, like many of us, change in all its ugly forms, especially a change in academic subjects, school buildings or worst yet – a change in school districts.  There was always the adventure of school shopping though.  We were able to purchase pencils and those erasers in the shapes of your favorite sports or cartoon characters (I vaguely remember my Thundercat erasers) among other things.  I would often attempt to justify, to my parents, items I couldn’t live without for the upcoming school year.

It’s an exciting time for students, but it can also be somewhat intimidating or frightening.  I know, I was in those shoes!  I bounced around to a few different schools and I’m sure, like many of you, had to make friends all over again.  It was nerve-racking.  Going back to school can be anxiously anticipated by parents as well as their children.  A recent survey by REALTOR.com highlighted the how important school districts are in the home search process.  Pertaining to home purchases, 91% of those surveyed said school boundaries matter.  For more information on this survey and learning where to live, click here.

Back To School

How do school districts play into your home buying habits?

A majority of buyers will go over budget to find the right school district for their family; therefore it shouldn’t come to us as a shock when many use this as a barometer on learning where to live.  Though perhaps it’s a little late to find a new school district (home) this fiscal year, this is an important area which shouldn’t be overlooked if you have a family or your family is growing.  There are many tools available for comparing school districts in Pennsylvania such as the PA School District Statistical Snapshot Database. There’s also a comparision tool for SAT scores broken down by school district.  It doesn’t end there though, our network of REALTORS® have many other resources to share in order for you to find the right district and the right home.

Learning where to live can be challenging and should not be left to chance.  Call or email us today to find the right fit.  Now for some cake!

Back To School Cake

Yum! (photo credited to Mari Hernandez-Tuten)

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