Hire A REALTOR: Six Reasons Why You Need To Hire One Of These Professionals

Real estate is a profession and that term can sometimes be lost in conversation, especially among prospective home buyers and sellers.  In my past life, when I was a licensed REALTOR®, I very much enjoyed hearing my clients and friends say, “That’s my real estate agent’s phone number; give him a call, he’ll be happy to assist you.”

Being that it is a profession, there are many key attributes, which one should possess (especially in time) in order to be worthy of this title of ‘professional.’  Many customers of ours have this question in mind: Should I hire the services of a real estate professional?  Yes, yes, yes, you should hire a REALTOR®… and here are six very good reasons why.


  • Knowledge Of Local Market

Every market in our nation is different.  The trends and economic currents which affect a home in Scranton, Pennsylvania are vastly different than those conditions present in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania; for instance.  Your agent should have a pulse on the areas that interest you and be able to weed through the noise, assisting you by assessing median home prices, absorption rate, etc.  The main stream media can often present headlines which conflict with what’s actually happening on the ground.  It’s important to have a professional, on hand, who can decipher the headlines and relate them to you, the consumer.

  • How Long Has He/She Been In The Game?

It’s hard to put a price on experience.  In real estate, if and when a transaction takes a turn for what appears to be certain doom, you want someone in your corner with a level head – someone who has experienced a similar situation in his/her past and still prevailed.  A customer wants a real estate professional who can simplify and streamline a transaction full of real estate deadlines, terms, inspections, appraisals, interest rates and the like.  The experienced REALTOR® is knowledgeable about the entire sales process.

  • Did We Kill A Tree?

Though the e-document process has improved over the last decade, many of the states, including the State of Pennsylvania, still require hardcopy-versions of all the necessary documents associated with a real estate client/transaction.  At the end of the day, there can be a significant amount of paperwork related to a client.  But even in the digital environment, our clients need a professional who can effectively prepare and discuss with them the necessary documentation and disclosures, which could ultimately protect the client from any liability.

  • Effectual Price Setting

We certainly want our clients to get the best price, terms and conditions when they receive an offer on their property.  With that being said, buying/selling a home is closely linked to fair market value of homes with similar traits in particular school districts and neighborhoods.  When debuting a property on the market, your REALTOR® must have a good handle on pricing.  Correctly pricing a home for a buyer is also critical.  We never want our clients paying more than fair market value for their investments.

  • The X-Factor

Agents are the go-between for all parties involved in a real estate transaction, yes, but the best real estate professionals can negotiate.  Negotiating is a special ability, which gives many clients an edge in today’s market.  I would liken it to the crowd, aka the twelfth-man, at a football game – at a critical point in the game, this REALTOR® can gain his/her clients a serious advantage.

  • Dedication Yields Results

Some of the most successful professionals in this industry put forth a tremendous effort when it comes to their clients.  They eat, sleep and breathe real estate.  As a client, you quickly discover a REALTOR®’s work ethic and what he/she is doing to protect your interests.  This professional goes the extra mile, and believe me, it shows!

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