Finding The Perfect Match

Finding the perfect match in real estate can be just what you’ve been missing!  Yes, the search can be frustrating at times even with the best circumstances in play (i.e. your trust REALTOR® working hard for you, qualified buyers who are actively searching, reasonable/motivated sellers in the market, mortgage monies available, etc.).  Other factors like inventory and amenities exist, which depending on availability, can motivate home purchasers to act quickly.  With that being said, I believe a home’s personality can clash with the buyer’s tastes.  A home has a personality?

What I mean by this that each property has a profile and based how in ranks in key areas (such as location, age, square footage, roof’s condition) or subsequent, but no less important, categories (like décor, amenities, acreage, bedrooms); we understand there’s a match component for a particular buyer.  Though I’m unaware of any home compatibility scores out there for consumers, there are questions (when properly reviewed with your agent) can shed light on a particular home’s compatibility.  What do you desire in a home?  What top features are on your wish list?  What do homes in your market offer in the neighborhoods or school districts you desire?  These are honest questions most home buyers begin asking themselves in the “dreaming” stage of owning a home.

I’m hopeful that research for this technology is underway.  Finding the perfect match can be formulated from mapping essential MLS data over consumer survey information on an individual basis.  Home buyers would input their wants, preferences, budget, desires and the like and be able to find listings (aka matches).  Yesterday was the release of Twine (, a social networking – dating match app.  This service, apparently claiming to be unlike any other app, matches people (who are geographically nearby) based upon their shared interests and not their looks.  Although a property’s curb appeal is important, I believe the key to home compatibility for any buyer can be discovered in how it matches up with MLS and survey data.  In other words, do the home and the consumer have shared interests?

home compatibility

Do the home and the consumer have shared interests?











Residential real estate sales are both emotional as well as logical purchases.  In today’s market, they are sought on a high touch, high tech playing field (or should be).  Finding the perfect match, like dating, can be aided with finding the perfect REALTOR® and utilizing an app which can analyze and break it all down for the purchaser.

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