Winter is in the rear view…right?

The calendar says that it is April 23 but it feels more like winter!  A brisk walk in downtown Scranton confirmed that winter is attempting to put northeastern Pennsylvania in its clutches.  Although it is cold outside, warmer days are soon to come.  Our firm is busy assisting clients with listing their properties for sales or lease, and this temporary downtown in weather is not slowing us down.  Give us a call at 570.207.4747 to learn more.  We can chat over a cup of hot cocoa! 😉

More great things on the way.

The Realty Network Commercial Group is delighted by the upswing in activity over the last few months.  We are optimistic that “the corner has been turned” and real estate is moving forward with sales and leasing.  Check out our featured listings and give us a call to learn more.  Thanks!!!

Thank you!

The team at the Realty Network Commercial Group is thankful for the opportunity to serve our customers.  The recent holiday weekend brought us together with families and friends, some of which we see regularly and others seldom.  We were grateful to see our families, and we are also grateful to be in close contact with current and former clients and customers.  If you haven’t seen us in a while feel free to stop by.  We’d love to chat.

Windy April weather?

If March winds bring April showers, do sunny, 80 degree March days bring April winds?  It seems so!  Although hats are rolling all over downtown Scranton today, our commercial division is busy at work, assisting our customers with the sales and leasing needs.  Are you wondering what the buzz is all about?  Give us a call at 570.207.4747.  Thanks!

Back to March weather?

Today’s low to mid-40 temperatures with gusty winds sure make it feel like it is March.  According to real estate temperatures, we are in mid-Spring weather conditions.  Our sales and listings are heating up, and we are enjoying working with so many new friends and familiar faces.  Don’t wait until the calendar says that it is April or May.  Give us a call today.  We’d like to help you buy, sell, or lease commercial property.

Early Spring has Sprung!

The warm weather has arrived early in northeastern Pennsylvania.  Here at the Realty Network Group we hope that it stays put!  The weather has brought forth buyers and sellers of commercial real estate, as well as those who are looking to lease.  This increase in activity has kept the team at the Realty Network Group busy.  We’d like to help you as well.  If you are looking to buy, sell, or lease, give us a call today at 570.207.4747.  Thanks!

Welcome Ferrone Family Winery!

The Realty Network Group is proud to announce that Peckville, PA based winery, Ferrone Family Winery, will be joining Cangiano’s and Chocolate Creations at 400 Spruce Street in Downtown Scranton.  We are pleased that Ferrone Family Winery has chosen the Realty Network Group’s downtown headquarters, and we are excited that Downtown Scranton once again has a winery.  Ferrone Family Winery is open for business and provides complementary wine tastings.  Please be sure to visit them in person and online at

Gearing up for the big spring season?

Don’t wait for the warm weather to arrive if your are interested in selling or leasing your commercial property!  The team at the Realty Network Commercial Group is working with new clients each week to list properties on their behalf.  We would like to ensure that our clients have ample opportunity to take advantage of the marketing resources that are available to them through our firm, so give us a call today. Thanks!

Commercial Real Estate is on the Move!

There are signs that the regional economy (as it relates to commercial real estate) is on the move.  In general, we are seeing increased activity in listing and sales volume.  Although we may look back upon this time a few years from now and confirm that this is truly the beginning of commercial real estate growth, our commitment to excellence in customer service remains.  Meeting the needs of our customers is how we do things, and we believe this is what will continue to contribute to our growth.


We have the tools for the trade!

The agents at Realty Network Group are well equipped with the tools needed to assist buyers and sellers.  Our team is armed with the best cutting edge tools, including mobile applications, to ensure that the needs of our clients are met.  Our team is top notch, and with these tools we have a clear competitive advantage in the market place.  Please do not hesitate to give us a call at 570.207.4747 to learn more.