Hire A REALTOR: Six Reasons Why You Need To Hire One Of These Professionals

Real estate is a profession and that term can sometimes be lost in conversation, especially among prospective home buyers and sellers.  In my past life, when I was a licensed REALTOR®, I very much enjoyed hearing my clients and friends say, “That’s my real estate agent’s phone number; give him a call, he’ll be happy to assist you.”

Being that it is a profession, there are many key attributes, which one should possess (especially in time) in order to be worthy of this title of ‘professional.’  Many customers of ours have this question in mind: Should I hire the services of a real estate professional?  Yes, yes, yes, you should hire a REALTOR®… and here are six very good reasons why.


  • Knowledge Of Local Market

Every market in our nation is different.  The trends and economic currents which affect a home in Scranton, Pennsylvania are vastly different than those conditions present in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania; for instance.  Your agent should have a pulse on the areas that interest you and be able to weed through the noise, assisting you by assessing median home prices, absorption rate, etc.  The main stream media can often present headlines which conflict with what’s actually happening on the ground.  It’s important to have a professional, on hand, who can decipher the headlines and relate them to you, the consumer.

  • How Long Has He/She Been In The Game?

It’s hard to put a price on experience.  In real estate, if and when a transaction takes a turn for what appears to be certain doom, you want someone in your corner with a level head – someone who has experienced a similar situation in his/her past and still prevailed.  A customer wants a real estate professional who can simplify and streamline a transaction full of real estate deadlines, terms, inspections, appraisals, interest rates and the like.  The experienced REALTOR® is knowledgeable about the entire sales process.

  • Did We Kill A Tree?

Though the e-document process has improved over the last decade, many of the states, including the State of Pennsylvania, still require hardcopy-versions of all the necessary documents associated with a real estate client/transaction.  At the end of the day, there can be a significant amount of paperwork related to a client.  But even in the digital environment, our clients need a professional who can effectively prepare and discuss with them the necessary documentation and disclosures, which could ultimately protect the client from any liability.

  • Effectual Price Setting

We certainly want our clients to get the best price, terms and conditions when they receive an offer on their property.  With that being said, buying/selling a home is closely linked to fair market value of homes with similar traits in particular school districts and neighborhoods.  When debuting a property on the market, your REALTOR® must have a good handle on pricing.  Correctly pricing a home for a buyer is also critical.  We never want our clients paying more than fair market value for their investments.

  • The X-Factor

Agents are the go-between for all parties involved in a real estate transaction, yes, but the best real estate professionals can negotiate.  Negotiating is a special ability, which gives many clients an edge in today’s market.  I would liken it to the crowd, aka the twelfth-man, at a football game – at a critical point in the game, this REALTOR® can gain his/her clients a serious advantage.

  • Dedication Yields Results

Some of the most successful professionals in this industry put forth a tremendous effort when it comes to their clients.  They eat, sleep and breathe real estate.  As a client, you quickly discover a REALTOR®’s work ethic and what he/she is doing to protect your interests.  This professional goes the extra mile, and believe me, it shows!

Emphasis On Quality

Stacey Granza












Stacey Granza is one of Realty Network Group’s recent additions.  Stacey is a life-long resident of Northeastern Pennsylvania and resides in Throop with her husband and three children.  With over twelve years of experience in the real estate business, she recently made the switch to Realty Network Group – Joining an exclusive, smaller network of REALTORS® who pack a big reputation when it comes to connecting buyers and sellers locally.

The Best Feedback

Besides her passion for real estate, Stacey thoroughly enjoys people.  She loves being around them, servicing them (there’s a great emphasis on quality) and more specifically, helping them connect the dots between dreaming and home ownership.  “Some of the best feedback I’ve received over the years from clients is through my approach,” stated Stacey.  “By taking a caring approach and guiding my clients through the real estate transaction, I’ve helped to simplify the home buying or selling process for them.  I believe the most effective REALTORS® in our market realize how vital listening is to real estate sales.”

The Quality Of Her Work

There are many adjectives you can use to describe Stacey: Friendly, caring, dependable, concerned, fun and if we could throw another descriptor in there we’d use – “strong work ethic.” Again, there’s an emphasis on quality.  When asked why she chose our firm, she asserted: “Realty Network Group has a wonderful support structure in place for all of its associates.  They feature top-of-the-line technology and a smaller, close knit group with a similar work ethic.  This is what I’m looking for, there are strong friendships here.  Through these relationships, this company conveys confidence to its clients and I very much wish to be part of that!”

If you need a real estate professional to help you to realize the possibilities of owning your own home or investment property, contact Stacey Granza today at sgranza@realtynetwork.net or 570.954.3949 (cell).

Advice Based Upon Experience, But Listening Comes First

Recently, our firm has acquired the talents of a ten-year veteran in the Northeastern Pennsylvania real estate market.  She loves working with both buyers and sellers, and firmly believes that when a REALTOR® is actively involved in serving buyers, she can better aid her sellers in the process – rightly so!  Realty Network Group has added a professional to their network who understands how to advance the high touch, high tech approach to marketing and selling homes.

Welcome Phoebe!

Phoebe Keating - Listening Comes First

The company’s newest addition is Phoebe Keating.  She’s a native of Dunmore, currently residing in the Green Ridge section of Scranton, yet she’s very familiar with the Abingtons and the Lackawanna Valley.  She’s excited to be part of Realty Network Group: “Realty Network Group is a first-class company that provides valuable support to its agents,” emphasizes Phoebe.  “It starts at the top and trickles down.  The company’s Brokers set a tone of professionalism and expect the same from everyone in the network.”

She believes that this company is a cohesive organization, rather than a collection of independent agents, something that’s often a struggle for many in our industry as they seek to obtain that type of togetherness.  This structure is vital when catering to both buyers and sellers, helping them make a connection.  She thoroughly enjoys working with both home buyers and sellers.

Listening Comes First

“Phoebe really enjoys learning about the details of what her clients are looking for in their space,” affirms Ann Cappellini, the President/Broker of Realty Network Group.  “It all comes down to truly listening to your clients.  This is one of Phoebe’s great qualities… Discovering the needs and desires of her clientele and helping them to achieve their goals.”

Phoebe loves developing great relationships with her clients.  She has an extensive knowledge of the region, which compliments her expertise in the field of real estate.  She can make a difference connecting buyers and sellers.  If you or someone you know is looking for a local leader in the hopes of finding a home, contact Phoebe Keating today at 570.903.8983 or via email at pkeating@realtynetwork.net.

5 Reasons Why The Christmas Season Is A Great Time To Sell Your Home

5 Reasons

5 Reasons Why The Christmas Season Is A Great Time To Sell Your Home!

Isn’t there just too much to worry about during the holiday season to be focusing upon selling your home?  Seriously, who would even consider listing their property among family meals, partying planning, Hallmark Channel watching, shopping and decorating?  And that’s just the tip of the North Pole!

On the contrary, home buying and selling can be quite fascinating during the Christmas season and the early winter months.  Not everyone is looking at the season through “candy cane” color glasses.  There are many who, among their holiday priorities, place house hunting at the top of their list.  So who are these buyers?  Let’s take a closer look.

Here are 5 reasons why the Christmas season is a great time to sell your home:

  1. Home Buyer Motivation
  2. Dwindling Inventory
  3. “Spruced” Up Sellers
  4. Mobile Lifestyles
  5. Online Searches Increase

Look Who’s Motivated!

The dust of the 2014 real estate investment season has settled (errh, should I say snow?).  Some sellers thought an offer was coming, but it hasn’t yet.  They may need to revisit local market conditions with their REALTOR® and discuss pricing once again.  Nevertheless, whether they want to admit it or not, most sellers are waiting for an offer to be presented to them.  This might just be the time!

There are a higher percentage of motivated buyers in the market, actively searching for a property during the holiday season.  They’ve been just as active in their search in July, they may have lost a house or two in the shuffle of the summer selling months, but they’ve refined their search, they’ve honed their sights and they’re ready to make the move – literally!

Where Did All The Sellers Go?

Less inventory means less competition.  Repeat that again: Less inventory means less competition.  It’s as simple as that.  There’s always tons of talk about the prime time to sell (early spring/summer) in real estate.  And though I will say those times do account for big revenue, there’s something to be said for the sellers who priced their home accordingly and have it ready to show during the winter months.

A recent Forbes article titled, “Why November Is The Best Month To Sell Your Home,” emphasizes that many sellers take their homes off the market during these month because they don’t believe it’s worth their trouble, but their loss is your gain.  Quite frankly, I would have to agree.  Leaving your home on the market, in most situations doesn’t cost you much more financially, if anything.  It could actually cost you less in the long run, especially if you have a real estate professional who’s very motivated during these months – someone who’s keeping you informed of your neighborhood market conditions.

Showcase Your Home

Bring people home for the holidays!  Many homeowners love Christmas time because they can decorate, be festive and “unwrap” that childhood spirit, which disappeared at the stroke of the New Year.  The holiday season gives opportunities to sellers to showcase their property and make it pop to potential buyers.  Holiday décor and traditions can resonate with buyers, which could help them to make a connection to the home.

Like this…

Fabulous Outdoor Decorations














Not like this…

Tacky Christmas Decor

Lifestyle Changes

Nowadays, there has been an increase in mobility throughout many aspects of our culture.  This includes certain industries where relocation has been paramount and can happen any time of the year.  At a second’s notice the employee needs to move himself/herself (and their family) to another area of the country.  These types of transitions provide great possibilities for sellers.

Many buyers also have more time off during the end of the year to look at homes and sellers need to be mindful of this when weighing the pros and cons of placing (or keeping) their home on the market.

I’m “Stuffed.” Now What?

Having more time off during the holidays creates chances for connecting buyers and sellers.  Many buyers who began the search process months ago are now ready – they want to buy now.  In many school districts throughout the country, children have one or more weeks off from school.  This creates an opportunity for families to get out there and seriously preview the available inventory, which matches their criteria and needs.

Motivated sellers need to be one of these homes on their list!


Sellers, keep these 5 reasons close to you over the next few days and carefully consider what your needs are this winter and spring.  Is it worth not having your home for sale during a time where prospective buyers will aggressively be searching?  If your home is currently on the market, are you and your REALTOR® actively communicating about pricing, staging, incentives, market conditions, among other things?  Is there a chance you can actually save money by keeping your home on the market, selling it earlier than the spring or summer?  These are questions and 5 reasons to ponder.  Contact your real estate professional today to discuss your options this Christmas season.

Home Lists – Northeastern PA Real Estate

Home Lists of NEPA

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Check out our current lists of luxury homes and other homes in Northeastern Pennsylvania: Select from the lists below that you’d like to receive, then fill out that form and the rest is history. Thank you!

The Abingtons
Valley View
North Pocono


Happy House Hunting,
Your Friends at Realty Network Group



Realty Network Group, a full service Brokerage, specializes in residential and commercial sales and appraisal services.  As a high touch, high-tech company, they operate the innovative Realty Network TV, which runs on its award-winning Website, www.realtynetwork.net, where viewers can tune into tours of featured homes and neighborhoods, 24/7.  From any smartphone or tablet device, their mobile-friendly site provides instant access to its network of real estate professionals, detailed information on a property (as soon as it is listed), luxury home lists, access to home evaluation reports and more.

Real Opportunities

A new era has taken shape at Realty Network Group, giving way to exciting changes that are to come for Northeastern Pennsylvania real estate.  Real opportunities are made present through the firm’s real asset, their REALTORS®, in addition to their superior brand recognition.

“Our strong network is growing. We’re beginning to build upon our solid foundation,” said Ann Cappellini, the President/Broker of Realty Network Group. “Working hard for our clients is paramount and thus adding the right pieces become critical to achieving our clients’ goals in the marketplace.”

Welcome Our New Agent

A recent new addition to the company’s network of agents is Mark DeStefano, the CEO of Realty Network Group.  Though not new to the company, he certainly has a different perspective on real estate in the twenty-first century here in NEPA.  With a background in accounting (Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University) and health administration (Master’s degree from King’s College), he understands what a difference customer service and valued investments can make to any buyer or seller.

Real Opportunities - Mark DeStefano

He is impressed with the service his brand, and most importantly – his team, delivers to the real estate consumer.  “Each piece of real estate is unique,” emphasizes DeStefano.  “It’s always exciting to connect the buyer and seller and execute a mutually beneficial deal for our clients.  We’ve come a long way since the very beginning of 2012: We’ve created a new brand that defines what we do – real estate professionals employed to serve clients by connecting buyers and sellers.”

Real opportunities are present – As an added bonus, because Realty Network Group is an independent firm, it sets its own destiny with respect to branding, marketing, technology and web applications.  DeStefano, who takes on a slightly different role as a REALTOR® in addition to one of three owners of the company, believes his firm is very competitive, however, equally concerned about quality, reputation and getting the job done for its clientele.

Real Opportunities: More About Our Firm

Realty Network Group, a full service Brokerage, specializes in residential and commercial sales and appraisal services.  As a high touch, high-tech company, they operate the innovative Realty Network TV, which runs on its award-winning Website, www.realtynetwork.net, where viewers can tune into tours of featured homes and neighborhoods, 24/7.  From any smartphone or tablet device, their mobile-friendly site provides instant access to its network of real estate professionals, detailed information on a property (as soon as it is listed), home property lists, access to home evaluation reports and more.

Please let us know what you thought about “Real Opportunities.” Comment and share, thank you!

Making Waves In Today’s Real Estate Market

Making waves in today’s real estate market: Realty Network Group’s newest REALTOR®, Master Sergeant Chad Remetta, has been serving our country for the past seventeen years in the United States Air Force.  Now he’ll also be serving the customers of Northeastern Pennsylvania, in meeting them where they are, in helping them achieve their real estate goals.

Chad Remetta“Real estate partly interests me, because of my recruiting background in the Air Force,” emphasizes MSgt. Remetta. “I take my tasks very seriously and look forward to assisting both home buyers and sellers in order for them reach their goals.  With the tools, the training and the network of professionals available at Realty Network Group, I’m eager for my clients and I to hit the ground running.”

He’s confident that he’ll be able to fulfill the needs of his clients, as customer service is his top priority.  He believes he offers his consumers advantages in the local market, such as great communication and flexibility.  His background as a police officer and recruiter as well as his current position as a production controller at Tobyhanna Army Depot lends itself to these strengths.

MSgt. Remetta lives in Clarks Summit with his wife, Jennifer and their two children.  He has fond memories of growing up in Throop.  He’s also very familiar with NEPA and enjoys what this area has to offer!

If you would like to solve your real estate problem of finding your dream home, please consider the services of MSgt. Remetta.  He’s anticipating your call at 570-614-6925 or can also be contacted via email at cremetta@realtynetwork.net.

The Winners Are – Readers’ Choice Awards 2014

The Winners Are

The readers have spoken! Or should I say the voters have spoken?! In any case, the people have voiced their opinion, the votes have been tallied and the winners are in…

…and it’s not Tinker Bell:

But in all seriousness, though REALTORS® don’t have pixie dust to get around, they do have their clients’ best interests in mind. Any good agent will tell you this is enough to keep him/her going. As real estate consumers, it’s okay to dream about that perfect fit, in an ideal neighborhood, with a school district that makes the grade and home you can call “home.” At Realty Network Group, we attract a qualified pool of buyers looking to take the plunge into the Northeastern PA real estate market. It’s our job to connect these buyers to sellers, preferably (and we make no secret about it) to our own sellers, if it’s the right fit.

The winners are our clients! We hope they think so too. If they find what they were looking for, over a reason period of time and our company (their REALTOR®) can facilitate the sale with ease, beyond the settlement date; and our clients are happy, then we’ve reach our goal.

And The Winners Are

Recently, we’ve been awarded three honors through the Times-Tribune’s Readers’ Choice Awards 2014:

Best Real Estate Company – Realty Network Group

Best Real Estate Website – RealtyNetwork.net

Best Real Estate Agent – Jamie Hape, Realty Network Group

(you can read more about Jamie here)

We would like to take this opportunity to send heartfelt thanks for your support in helping us be one of the best real estate firms in NEPA!

All the winners for the Readers’ Choice Awards will be posted here as well as a special Sunday winners section in the Scranton Times on September 28, 2014.

Top Five NEPA Activities To Pursue Before The End Of Summer

Top five NEPA activities: There’s about four weeks left until we’re greeted by the unofficial end of summer.  What have you accomplished this summer?  Have you completed that spring cleaning yet?  I haven’t.  Maybe you’ve already been on vacation, but you’re looking to do a few smaller activities with family or friends.  Or perhaps you want to get out there to simply enjoy this wonderful little microcosm of New England, aka Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Here are five stops you should definitely consider before this summer comes to a close (These top five NEPA activities are in no particular order):

  • Sharks! Exhibit (Everhart Museum, Scranton) – This exhibit runs through September 8 and features your favorite friends from the sea.  The museum has had many good exhibits in the past, but this is perhaps one of their best.  Alessandro De Maddalena, an acclaimed shark scientist, photographed some of the earth’s most feared monsters (South African Great Whites to be exact).  To get the full effect, click here, close your eyes and listen.  You can find out more information about this daily event here.
  • “Flutterarium” (Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary, Jim Thorpe) – This hands-on educational center has a butterfly flight room, frog room, kid’s art space, nature-based gift shop and more.  Many people love butterflies and this sort of thing.  I get it, but let me just say locusts are only winged-insects that give me more of the willies than butterflies (thankfully spiders don’t have wings!)  You can visit the center Thursday through Monday from 11a-5p (6p on Friday) and Tuesday/Wednesday 2p-6p.  For more information, visit their site here.  If you live closer to Wyoming County, then the Butterfly House at Creekside Gardens in Tunkhannock might be more to your liking.  Click here for more information.
Top Five NEPA Activities

Countryside Conservancy


  • The Great Outdoors (Lackawanna State Park, North Abington Twp) – Don’t worry, nothing to fear in this activity (well, okay, maybe black bears)!  If you’re seeking something to satisfy your nature cravings, then the state park is for you.  Swimming, hiking, fishing, camping, cooking out, children’s play areas and more is offered at this state park approximately ten miles north of Scranton.  On the fringes of the Lackawanna State Park, the Countryside Conservancy features some hidden gems for you to enjoy.  They’re my favorite thing to do at the state park – hiking, walking and mountain bike trails.  Check out the site here, which also includes a map of the trails.



  • When You Wish Upon A Star (Thomas G. Cupillari ’60 Observatory at Keystone College, Fleetville) – This is hidden gem in NEPA!  Who doesn’t like to look at our universe?  The observatory is a short drive from Keystone College’s La Plume campus, just off Route 107.  Observatory lectures and observations of planets, stars, nebulae, etc. are available free of charge to the public.  For more information, go to the observatory’s site here.
  • Let’s Play Ball! (PNC Field, Moosic) – The summer is quickly coming to a close and we’ll get more of that white stuff soon.  (You know it’s coming!)  The new stadium is really a treat.  In my opinion, there’s not a bad seat in the house.  It has a new open feel to it and there are many activities for the family to do.  Did you know there’s a birthday room there too?  There are only six home series left.  Go out, catch a game and support your Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders.  For more information about the team, stadium or their schedule, click here.

I hope you enjoyed these top five NEPA activities and recommendations.  Please let us know your thoughts and where you’ve gone this summer.

This is My Scranton

This is My Scranton.  Scranton has quite a history through its golden age in the 1950s to today.

Similar to my family roots, many came from various parts of Europe in the search of a better life in earlier part of the twentieth century.  Heck, my grandfather was even named Americo.  He left a world behind in Sassoferrato (le Marche region), Italy, which is about 145 miles north of Rome, Italy.  [Learn more about this tiny Italian town here.]  My grandfather comes to America with three of his four brothers in 1917, leaving much of his family behind for Scranton.  This is My Scranton.

This is My Scranton








It’s the story of many of us.  Though we might not remember the minute details of our ancestors, our family tree or perhaps why they even settled where they did, the fact remains that our roots are theirs.  In many instances we became Scrantonians, because they were first.  We love Steamtown USA, because they loved it initially.  My grandfather lived in Scranton, close to Tripps Park, my father grew up in a funeral home, left for Pittsburgh for more post-secondary schooling, but eventually came back to… you guessed it, Scranton!  I grew up in North Scranton.  Some of my earliest memories are of this town.  This is My Scranton.

This is My Scranton

There’s a wonderful video contest happening, which you can take part in (about three weeks remain for entry submission).  For more information about the contest and to find out how you can enter before time runs out, go to MyScranton’s site.  Also like the campaign’s Facebook page today.

I also really encourage everyone to recapture your fondest memories of Scranton and more importantly how your family and friends have impacted this region of Northeastern Pennsylvania.  For more information on what the area has to offer, you can VisitNEPA, area attractions or even call one of our professionals at Realty Network Group.  This is My Scranton.  Tell us why you love Scranton!