Attentively Listening To Your Needs

Attentively Listening To Your Needs

At Realty Network Group, we’re very excited to announce that Michael Joseph Sipsky III will be joining our network of real estate professionals.  Michael comes to us with extensive knowledge in the field of behavior mental health, graduating from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut with a Masters degree in Applied Psychology.  His experience and education have bolstered his ability to actively listen to the needs of others and help them achieve their goals.

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Though real estate is a newer career path for Michael, he’s been interested in real estate trends for many years now.  “I’ve always been fascinated with assessing a home’s value, discovering how location, trends and factors affect its value,” indicated Mr. Sipsky  “Being mindful of ways to increase a home’s value for resale purposes or to enhance one’s enjoyment have also piqued my interest.” He has the skill set which will enable him to produce results for his clients.  Active listening is often downplayed in our business, but as many a real estate professionals will tell you, it’s vital in today’s market. The bottom line is this business is about the people, not the agent.


In his free time, Michael enjoys hiking and landscaping.  He was born and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania and is very familiar with the surrounding communities as well as the resources and perks they offer.  He’s looking to grow his business by using his knowledge of the region to find his clients neighborhoods and homes that are suitable for both their needs and desires.

Why choose Michael as your REALTOR?  Considering that consumers need someone who will work tirelessly on their behalf in this unique market, while actively listening to their situation, he’s an asset to our firm and its clients.

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