5 Reasons Why The Christmas Season Is A Great Time To Sell Your Home

5 Reasons

5 Reasons Why The Christmas Season Is A Great Time To Sell Your Home!

Isn’t there just too much to worry about during the holiday season to be focusing upon selling your home?  Seriously, who would even consider listing their property among family meals, partying planning, Hallmark Channel watching, shopping and decorating?  And that’s just the tip of the North Pole!

On the contrary, home buying and selling can be quite fascinating during the Christmas season and the early winter months.  Not everyone is looking at the season through “candy cane” color glasses.  There are many who, among their holiday priorities, place house hunting at the top of their list.  So who are these buyers?  Let’s take a closer look.

Here are 5 reasons why the Christmas season is a great time to sell your home:

  1. Home Buyer Motivation
  2. Dwindling Inventory
  3. “Spruced” Up Sellers
  4. Mobile Lifestyles
  5. Online Searches Increase

Look Who’s Motivated!

The dust of the 2014 real estate investment season has settled (errh, should I say snow?).  Some sellers thought an offer was coming, but it hasn’t yet.  They may need to revisit local market conditions with their REALTOR® and discuss pricing once again.  Nevertheless, whether they want to admit it or not, most sellers are waiting for an offer to be presented to them.  This might just be the time!

There are a higher percentage of motivated buyers in the market, actively searching for a property during the holiday season.  They’ve been just as active in their search in July, they may have lost a house or two in the shuffle of the summer selling months, but they’ve refined their search, they’ve honed their sights and they’re ready to make the move – literally!

Where Did All The Sellers Go?

Less inventory means less competition.  Repeat that again: Less inventory means less competition.  It’s as simple as that.  There’s always tons of talk about the prime time to sell (early spring/summer) in real estate.  And though I will say those times do account for big revenue, there’s something to be said for the sellers who priced their home accordingly and have it ready to show during the winter months.

A recent Forbes article titled, “Why November Is The Best Month To Sell Your Home,” emphasizes that many sellers take their homes off the market during these month because they don’t believe it’s worth their trouble, but their loss is your gain.  Quite frankly, I would have to agree.  Leaving your home on the market, in most situations doesn’t cost you much more financially, if anything.  It could actually cost you less in the long run, especially if you have a real estate professional who’s very motivated during these months – someone who’s keeping you informed of your neighborhood market conditions.

Showcase Your Home

Bring people home for the holidays!  Many homeowners love Christmas time because they can decorate, be festive and “unwrap” that childhood spirit, which disappeared at the stroke of the New Year.  The holiday season gives opportunities to sellers to showcase their property and make it pop to potential buyers.  Holiday décor and traditions can resonate with buyers, which could help them to make a connection to the home.

Like this…

Fabulous Outdoor Decorations














Not like this…

Tacky Christmas Decor

Lifestyle Changes

Nowadays, there has been an increase in mobility throughout many aspects of our culture.  This includes certain industries where relocation has been paramount and can happen any time of the year.  At a second’s notice the employee needs to move himself/herself (and their family) to another area of the country.  These types of transitions provide great possibilities for sellers.

Many buyers also have more time off during the end of the year to look at homes and sellers need to be mindful of this when weighing the pros and cons of placing (or keeping) their home on the market.

I’m “Stuffed.” Now What?

Having more time off during the holidays creates chances for connecting buyers and sellers.  Many buyers who began the search process months ago are now ready – they want to buy now.  In many school districts throughout the country, children have one or more weeks off from school.  This creates an opportunity for families to get out there and seriously preview the available inventory, which matches their criteria and needs.

Motivated sellers need to be one of these homes on their list!


Sellers, keep these 5 reasons close to you over the next few days and carefully consider what your needs are this winter and spring.  Is it worth not having your home for sale during a time where prospective buyers will aggressively be searching?  If your home is currently on the market, are you and your REALTOR® actively communicating about pricing, staging, incentives, market conditions, among other things?  Is there a chance you can actually save money by keeping your home on the market, selling it earlier than the spring or summer?  These are questions and 5 reasons to ponder.  Contact your real estate professional today to discuss your options this Christmas season.

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